Leather 100

Address: 7 stores in Greece

Phone: (+30)25210 332-00

LEATHER 100 is a company whose main activity centers in the manufacturing and trading of leather clothes and leather handbags. 
The company holds 8 stores all over Greece, e.g. In Drama, Patra, Volos, Chalkidiki.

Since 1992 that the firm was established, LEATHER 100 monitors continuously the latest trends of the international market of leather clothing and offers to its customers, of both Greek and Russian nationality, the best clothes and leather products which are of the highest quality, of unique design, always at unbeatable prices.

Our JOY is to ALWAYS BE AT YOUR SERVICE, Our AIM is OUR CUSTOMERS' SATISFACTION. You, our customers are the ones who support us and give to us the strength to continue our services.

The stores in Patras, Volos and Drama are open from September till April.


All Stores (8)

Leather 100 - Central store
Address: 1 Koritsas St., Drama
Phones: (+30)25210 332-00
Leather 100 - Kalithea
Address: 6 Filippou St., Kalithea, Chalkidiki
Phones: (+30)23740 255-22
Leather 100 - Patras
Address: 26 Akti Dimeon St., Patras
Phones: (+30)2610 310-188
Leather 100 - Volos
Address: 115 Larisis St., Volos
Phones: (+30)24210 800-99
Leather 100 - Drama
Address: 32 G.Papandreou St., Drama
Phones: (+30)25210 376-40
Leather 100 - Hanioti
Address: Hanioti, Chalkidiki
Phones: (+30)23740 511-21