Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel. Nea Potidea, Chalkidiki

Luxury holidays in Halkidiki, at Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel

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Lime Beach Bar

Lime Beach Bar in Halkidiki is our specially designed bar with high quality stylish decor and it is the ideal place to witness the magical view of all of Aegean Sea and unforgettable sunsets while enjoying your beverages and drinks with a background of atmospheric Lounge music.

It is the unique area of our hotel because of the specific location but also for the unique music selection. Located in Athitos (Afitos)
village resort, that is synonymous with luxury and sophistication, Lime beach bar in Athitos truly embraces the local motto "A Way of
Life". From celebrities to local socialites, as well as visitors looking to unwind, Lime Beach Bar is the ultimate destination for
relaxation, celebration and revelry in the Aegean Sea.

Modeled after the same European minimalist, contemporary look and feel as the other international locations, guests at Lime Beach Bar in Halkidiki can relax and enjoy the simplistic beauty of low plush beds.

White is the keyword at Lime Beach Bar in Athitos, from décor, to the style of clothing and the color of the Afitos soft sand.

Address: Afitos, Chalkidiki

Phone: (+30) 23740 915-09

(+30) 23740 914-70

Portes Lithos Luxury Resort. Nea Potidea, Halkidiki

Luxury holidays in Halkidiki, in Portes Lithos Luxury Resort

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