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Kosmein combines all the inspiration, products and ideas you need to bring your home to life also partnering with qualified and fully insured decorators

Boutique Descamps Boutique Descamps
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Boutique Descamps in Thessaloniki, bed linen and wide assortment of different flavors and gifts.

Trifona Voula Trifona Voula
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In our store you will find everything from embroidery, curtains to tablecloths and more to beautifully decorate the interior of your house

En lefko En lefko
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In «en lefko» we love beautiful home linen, high quality and the detail and the texture which we all enjoy to feel. It is not a coincidence that we are the best boutique in the city and probably in the country

Ergochiron Ergochiron
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Here where tradition meets art you will find a big variety of handiwork bed linen, made with love