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Cretan Olive Oil Liokarpi Protogerakis

Company's headquarters is near Vori in the valley of Messara Heraklion, Crete. By tradition since 1930 in oil production, the company shall be in harmony with the needs of the time and overcome through repeated upgrading of facilities and continuous improvement of procedures and methods of processing olives. Today an excellent building, hosting pilot plant mill and storage facilities, and sophisticated, fully automated bottling plant.

The company applies Certification authenticity of olive oil by the Ministry of Development (CN EL-40-067). The food quality assurance system FSSC 22000 (Organic products are certified by an accredited institution (No certificate A-482491/E6) at different stages of processing, storage and the standardization.

Address: Vori, Heraklion, 70200, Crete

Phone: (+30) 28920 913-95

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