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Loupino Restaurant

Loupino restaurant is located in the center of Thessaloniki, in the picturesque area of ​​Ladadika, and wins its customers' hearts with high-quality foods and affordable prices. The restaurant is known for its excellent service, and interior, which perfectly combines comfort and discreet luxury.

Loupino's menu includes Premium Meat dishes, seafood, fresh salads, and snacks. Some signature dishes of Loupino are:

  • Premium Steak («Stavlisia brizola»)
  • Spaghetti with lobster («Astakomakaronada»)
  • Octopus («Pikantiko htapodaki»)
  • Shrimps in «kataifi» dough («Tilikhtes garides me kadaifi»)
  • Hake croquettes («Kroketes bakaliarou»)
  • Wild mushroom risotto, seasoned with wine and truffle oil
  • Cutlets «Suzukakia»

Great food, desserts, cocktails, and a wide selection of wines, as well as excellent service and a pleasant atmosphere, make Loupino one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

Address: Katouni 4, Ladadika, Thessaloniki, 54 625

Phone: (+30) 2310 535-707

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