Lucifair - Rethymno

At the heart of the market and at the point where it is now the commercial spot of the city, all of Lucifair's girlfriends will be able to choose their appearances.

With emphasis on quality and with many choices through a wide variety of brand new, fresh and dynamic Collection of Lucifair at our stand and store shelves, we expect all our friends to visit us and get first informed about trends that will dominate In the fashion industry! Our highly trained staff will share with you beauty secrets and will give you stylish tips that will make you stand out!

A collection capable of impressing every woman! All of this, properly combined with the right accessories, is set to make your appearances irresistible and gather all your looks!

Also in our PRESTIGE store, you will find a rich collection for men with style, such as BARBOUR, NAUTICA, BOSTONIANS, able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes...

Address: 16 Leoforos Kountouriotou Str, Rethymno, 741 00, Crete

Phone: (+30)28310 580-23