Madis Natural Products

Address: 80 Agiou Aleksandrou, Mesa Karteros 71601, Crete

Phone: (+30)2810 380-861

(+30)2810 380-862

The company Madis S.A. specializes in natural skincare products and natural cosmetics.

It was founded in 2002 and is based and situated in privately owned facilities in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

The priority of our company is the man and the nature. Based on these foundations of respect to them, we direct our research, define the basic principles of our company and we strive to achieve our goals.

A large part of our research focuses on the properties of native plants and healing herbs of Crete such as olive, grape, dittany, sage, marjoram, thistle, etc..  It is well known that the geology and climate in the Mediterranean region, and especially the micro-climate to the Greek Island of Crete, create environmental suitabilities for the development of unique species with high nutritional value and important therapeutic properties. It is also well known that Hippocrates in ancient times used plants and herbs of the region to treat diseases. Today, many pharmaceutical industries use these plants as active ingredients in their products.

These are the main reasons that we use in our cosmetic formulations organic olive oil, extracts of aromatic herbs and medicinal plants collected from the mountains of Crete.

The orientation of our research is based on the idea: The nature, the beauty and health coexist in harmony.

Our basic principles for our cosmetic formulations are the following:

  • The selection of natural active ingredients.
  • To use certified organic ingredients.
  • Not to use dangerous composed ingredients.
  • All the ingredients that are used, to be required for the effectiveness of the skincare products
  • When the preservatives are required into the products they are selected in order not to be dangerous.
  • Dermatological and microbial tests are conducted to the products.
  • The tests that are conducted for the skincare products and also to their ingredients are never made on animals.
  • The use of eco-friendly containers
  • Protect the environment

Value to consumers

Instead of conventional beauty formulas that can be combined with potentially harmful chemicals, the chemists of Madis SA start their formulas based on certified natural ingredients. We design and create the formulas of our brands, packed with nutrients and antioxidant-rich ingredients so that every drop can feed and protect the skin. The final purpose is to satisfy, heal and offer advanced cosmetic use to the final consumer. The consumer will experience and feel at the same time the difference of using natural ingredients’ enriched products which in long-term and short-term use will prove to be better for their skin.

We believe that the beauty and the health is a privilege of all. That’s why we create Medium cost and high quality products.