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Ten years lived intensely. Marco Bicego started up his company on January 1, 2000. Experience, gained in the family business, creativity and passion for craftsmanship and precious stones, and enthusiasm and curiosity about other countries are certainly not things he is lacking. Marco Bicego is now one of the Italian jewellery brands most appreciated on the international scene, thanks to its capacity to interpret everyday luxury with a wholly personal vision.

At 45, with three children, Marco Bicego has singled out certain elements of the Vicenza jewellery tradition and transferred them to his modern and elegant production facility in Trissino, where around 80 people, mostly young, work on one-off pieces and create jewellery collections that glitter in the windows of top jewellery stores all over the world.

Entirely made in Italy and handcrafted using exclusive techniques, Marco Bicego creations show a predilection for yellow gold and are set with precious and semi-precious stones from Brazil and India, often with special cuts made on request. The “guitar string” technique (a special manual twisting operation that produces a wave-like motion and has become a hallmark of the brand), the burin engraving (which gives precious metal a satin effect that also protects it against denting) and the study of imperfect forms, such as are found in nature, underscore the originality of every single piece and define an innovative style of design that appeals strongly to the brand’s cosmopolitan and decidedly heterogeneous clientele. Distribution is organized on two main fronts: on one hand the multi-brand jewellery stores, and on the other the single-brand retail strategy. There are currently five flagship stores: Verona, Budapest, Mykonos, Tokyo and Astana (Kazakhstan). Two shop-in-shops have been opened in the UK with Harvey Nichols (in London and Birmingham) and there’s a constant stream of new corners opening in top department stores in various countries, such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. Next year will see the opening of points of sale in New York and Hong Kong and then in Milan.

“In large international department stores we find ourselves in competition with long established brands and realize, increasingly, that the “product” on its own is not enough: retailers need impeccable service and our support to get a jewel out of the store,” says Marco Bicego. “We’re launching new collections, rethinking the packaging and working on a new advertising campaign. There’s intense activity on all fronts: next year too, we’re aiming at double-digit growth.”

Address: 20 shops in Greece

Phone: +390445491400

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