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Marco Varni

The company was founded in 1973 by entrepreneur Markos Varnis, whose name is since then one of the biggest brand names in fur production all over the planet.

Place of business was and remains the Greek city of Kastoria, where there are two factories and one trade fair center of total area of ​10000 sq.m about. Marco Varni furs are designed by notable international artists with modern taste and superior raw materials from the biggest auctions in the world like American Legend (Blackglamma), NAFA (BlackNafa), Kopenhagen Fur and Saga.

The excellent quality is achieved with a very high production process which is ensured by advanced technology, high skilled workers training and strict quality control throughout the process of selecting the design and the raw materials to placing the product on the storefront of Markos Varnis himself, who seals for 40 years now the final product with guaranteed know-how.

Proof of all this is his long successful presence at stores in Kastoria, Katerini, Rhodes and Dubai as well as the thousands of happy customers of wholesale and retail worldwide.

Address: 6 km. Kastoria-Kozani road, 52100 Macedonia

Phone: (+30)24670 760-00


Marco Varni - Kastoria

6 km. Kastoria-Kozani road, 52100 Macedonia
(+30)24670 760-00

Marco Varni - Rhodes

12km Rhodes-Lindos Ave., Faliraki 851 00, Rhodes
(+30)22410 026-00

Marco Varni - Katerini

Nikis & Makedonias Corner, Paralia Katerini 601 00, Pieria
(+30)23510 634-53

Marco Varni - Halkidiki

Kallithea 630 77, Halkidiki
(+30)23740 200-37