Massage.Me Wellness Center

Relaxation from the exhausting daily routine. That's our goal in Massage.Me, such a simple goal yet so important. Offering a most caring service, an exciting variety of treatments, and most reasonable prices, we are confined we can offer the best massage you ever had! Massage is an art that traces back to thousands of years it was part of people's daily routine and helped them rejuvenate their body and reboot their mind. Today it is considered as a luxury and priced as one. At Massage.Me we believe only in the first part. It is a luxury which we offer at the best rates. So indulge in one of our specials, we will offer you exactly what you need.

Our first concern at Massage.Me is to make you feel comfortable, make you feel like you're at home. Once this is accomplished we proceed to your massage treatment. What's the best possible way to feel like your at home? Giving you the security and more than enough amenities you're used to is a good start. At Massage.Me you are given a locker in order to store your things while you are getting your treatment. After your massage you can shower and use personal hygiene products that Massage.Me provides you with. Be sure that after your treatment is over you will have everything you need to continue your day.

At Massage.Me your personal hygiene is one of our top priorities we are very strict and cautious in renewing the whole set of clothing each time a guest is getting ready for their treatment. We utilize a specific methodology in order to ensure that the products used for one guest are not used for another. This way you enjoy your treatment to the maximum and free of worries for your personal hygiene.

At your arrival we welcome you with a detox drink or spa water that will hydrate your body, prepare it for your massage therapy and help you enjoy the treatment to the maximum. After your session is completed we offer you a second detox drink, this time the drink will help your body release all the toxins and be properly hydrated. For the best possible results we advise you to drink at least 1lt of water.

Address: 13 Tsimiski Str, Thessaloniki, 54624

Phone: (+30)2310 27-28-28