«Memento» souvenir


Right next to Aristotle square and right where the Kapani Market and its colorful and always busy alleys are you will find this little shop of wonders. If you days in Thessaloniki are over and you still haven’t had the time to buy all the small gifts and souvenirs your friends and family back home are expecting then this is the right place! Since 1971 Memento is one of the major manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of Greek souvenirs.

The owner Mr. Andreas Dellios will be happy to show you around his vast collection of souvenirs, replicas, statuettes, ceramics, plates, trinkets, memorabilia and decorative handcrafted objects inspired by the history of Thessaloniki.

Postcards, kitchenware and accessories, handmade soap, beautifully, handcrafted board games (chess, backgammon) along with intricate bottlers of Ouzo. Candles and several novelty gifts will not only make great at small cost, but will also help you treasure your beautiful days in Thessaloniki forever!

Open hours:

Mon. Wed. Sat: 08:30 – 16.30
Tue. Thu. Fri. 08.30 – 19.30.

Address: 12 Halkeon St., Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 264-867