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Merastri is a Greek - Cretan restaurant located in a great location, just outside the city center of Heraklion, Crete, at Chrysostomou 17 and  is certified by Concred and has won Gourmet awards from 2006 until today, among the few places that honor the letter of tradition all over Crete!

With these principles and this philosophy, Merastri operates and offers deliciously traditional dishes, with the wood oven being the leader in the kitchen and the handmade pasta baked in a zucchian broth and served with dry anthotyro. Baked Bread, Anogianoapaki, goat with wheatbirds, scrambled eggs with creamy greens, chortopites and caricatures and the specialty ... lamb meat with potatoes in the wood oven, extra virgin Cretan olive oil and Cretan wine,are some of the specialities of Cretan Merastri…so come to enjoy tradition  at our warm homemade restaurant…

17 Chrysostomou Str, Heraklion, 713 06, Crete

(+30) 2810 221-910

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