Milos Pharmacy

Address: 3 pharmacies in Milos

George Martakis pharmacy in Adamas and Anna Xidous pharmacy in Triovasalos together with their new central Parapharmacy in Pollonia-milos would like to welcome you to Milos`s most central points.

Since 1974 the Martakis family have been seamlessly providing their services, approaching every individual need in the most scientific manner. Our priority is that of offering a quality, immediate and holistic service to your needs. We offer our services in Greek, English and Italian language thus covering the needs of an international clientele.

Inside our pharmacies and our parapharmacy you can find a great variety of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products as well as cosmetics and sunscreen products,at the market's most competitive prices.

Our three pharmacists and the rest of our stuff will be eager to answer to your every need fast,precisely and with respect. We will be happy to get to know you and to honor your choice.

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Pharmacy G.S Martakis
Adamantas, Milos, Cyclades
(+30)22870 221-78

Parapharmacy Martakis Stefanos
Pollonia, Milos, Cyclades
(+30)22870 411-88

Pharmacy Xidou Anna
Triovasalos, Milos, Cyclades
(+30)22870 212-40