Ms Mousios Furs

Address: Kastoria, city gate, after Dispilio

Phone: (+30)24670 891-91


Ms Mousios Furs is a family business founded in 1960 and its object is the production of finished fur garments. In 1980 Constantine Mousios enter the global market by adding a new dynamic.

At the opening of the Russian market Constantine Mousios with the younger brother Nicholas Mousios, was already ready and among the first companies which begin actively trading.

Excellent Styling:

The high requirements for the quality of the raw material and the perfect craftmanship, matched ideally with the introduction of son Lazaros, who entered the company in 1996, giving new prospective to achieve higher goals and a new vision.

For the last 15 years, Ms Mousios Furs use exclusively the world famous Mink skins  BLACKGLAMA, which are purchased in the two annual auctions that take place in Seattle in the United States of America (USA).


The long experience of our personnel guided by the advises of the owners, are the keypoint to the success of our company in the field of design and fur clothing manufacturing.

Our rule of our company is to offer personalized service to the customers by the owners themselves, and thus given the opportunity to explain in detail any question is the buyer in the wholesale or retail.

Quality Control:

Our extensive customer confidence, commits us to keep our quality at top levels and not deviate from the principles that characterize us from our first steps.