The Athens Gate Hotel
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The Athens Gate Hotel
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Once upon a time a new fashion philosophy was born in a trip to an amazing Greek island, Corfu.

MUST B Voyage Collection is a fashion brand inspired by the nobility of the island & the importance of woman’s nature in the ancient mythology. This season collection is inspired by the odyssey mythology and the importance of women's existence.

The muse of Must B voyage collection is the Nausean daughter of the king of the Feakes. A woman of greatest beauty and dazzling as we want our customer to feel when wearing our collection.

Maxi elegant dresses, of bright summer colours, a twist of freedom and sexiness. This is what characterizes this season resort collection.

Address: 17 Evgeniou Voulgareos Str, Corfu 491 00

Phone: (+30) 26610 367-62

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