«Pantopolio tis Thessalonikis»

Address: Komninon str. 12, Thessaloniki 54624

Phone: (+30)2310 244-684

The story begins in Samsun, Turkey in 1922, when the Greeks were forced from their homes in the Asia Minor catastrophe. A 27 - years old refugee, Kosmas Sotiriadis settled in Thessaloniki and within two years had opened his first grocery, in the newly built Modiano Market.

The store, with its selection of fine foods, soon became a favorite with discerning purchasers, both local people and visitors to the city.

Kosmas was succeeded by his son Michalis, who eventually handed the business on to his own son Giorgos.  Assisted by his wife Zoe, and drawing on several generations of family experience, Giorgos has kept the pantopoleio a thriving business, with the third chapter in its history commencing at the new on Komninon Street.

The store’s shelves and refrigerators are stocked with a huge variety of foods - ready to be eaten, or to be used as ingredients in your own recipers. The fresh vegetables and exotic fruits are of particularity good quality, as are all the Greek and Mediterranean products, items include stamnagathi greens from Crete, tsitsiravala from Chios, Kritama from Pelion, smoked pork from the Mani, Amfilochia olives, pulses from Prespes, organic olive oils from Crete, saffron from Kozani, dried mackerel from Propontis, Armenian meatballs and salted meat, kavourmas from Soufli, feta cheese from Grevena, dried mushrooms from Kastoria, stuffed pickled peppers, eggs Jaminados - an inexhaustible range of delicious and unexpected flavors! And to complement the local produce - dozens of gourmet delights from abroad: Chorizo salami, Andalusian ham, Aveyron Roquefort, Bavarian fabulous dressings, far eastern cuisine, imaginative snacks, superb delicious, exotic sweets and halvas with variety of special flavors.

There is also a wide range of organic produce. In fact, they stock just about anything you can imagine - from commonplace staples to the most recherché of delicacies!

Three generation of experience and tradition are on hand to guide you in your purchases. Whether you are looking for health food or something sinfully unhealthy, you are sure to find something to your taste in the Aladdin’s cave of delicious flavours.