Papageorgiou leather and fur company is active for 25 years in producing selling and exporting leather and fur products. Our stores are located in Neos Marmaras in Nikiti in Nea Moudania EniGmail mall and Mediterranean cosmos level 1 Yellow Area!!!

In our stores you will find a wide range of men’s and women’s leather jackets! Also luxurious fur coats and vests that will upgrade your style!

In our collection there are also a lot of models in big sizes!

Address: 4 stores (Ηalkidiki, Thessaloniki)

Phone: (+30)23750 721-73


All stores

Papageorgiou - Mediterranean Cosmos
Mediterranean Cosmos, Level 1, Yellow Area
(+30)2310 477-455

Papageorgiou - Neos Marmaras
Neos Marmaras, Sithonia 630 81, Halkidiki
(+30)23750 721-73

Papageorgiou - Nikiti
Nikiti 630 88, Sithonia 630 81, Halkidiki
(+30)23750 230-18

Papageorgiou - Enigma Mall
Enigma Mall, Nea Moudania, Halkidiki
(+30)23730 210-97