Pax Homemade Burgers

Pax Homemade Burgers offer a unique burger experience, commencing their business activity in Greece from Thessaloniki.

The first restaurant opened their doors in November 2013, on Kalapothaki Street, a popular and trendy area in the centre of Thessaloniki. A few months later, in March 2014 the second store opened, with counter service, in the food court area of Mediterranean Cosmos, a commercial and leisure mall in Pylaia. 

Incorporating the knowledge and experience from New York, a demanding and cosmopolitan city, every burger lover will find innovative taste combinations.

The décor has an urban feel, while the open kitchen brings a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 

Pax Homemade Burgers are passionate about fresh homemade burgers. All recipes are prepared with the finest ingredients, offering a unique food experience. The burgers are made with 100% fresh ground beef and are cooked to order, ensuring juicy and delicious burgers. The menu also includes choices with chicken, buffalo meat or vegetarian options.

The burgers are served on fresh burger buns and homemade dipping sauces are prepared from scratch daily in the kitchen. Fresh fries accompany the dishes, handmade and fried golden crisp.

Apart from burgers, the menu also includes appetizers, salads and sandwiches, prepared daily with homemade recipes. 

At Pax Homemade Burgers, homemade burgers are at the heart of everything they do, with innovative recipes and fresh ingredients, in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Fresh Does Matter!

Address: 2 stores in Thessaloniki