«Tsaroucha» pharmacy «Tsaroucha» pharmacy
(+30)2310 220-040

In a modern youthful setting, our personnel is promptly willing to provide you scientific coverage, with professional advice of health and personal care

«Margaritidis» pharmacy «Margaritidis» pharmacy
(+30)23730 235-66

Our pharmacy staff consists of highly qualified professionals: pharmacists, dietician, beautician and health professional, ready to provide professional services to each visitor

Pharmacy 128 Pharmacy 128
(+30)2310 200-322

Our experienced cosmeticians will give you useful advise you about your health and beauty, as well as help you to find suitable for you cosmetics of well known brands at the best prices on the market!

«Karastergios» pharmacy «Karastergios» pharmacy
(+30)23740 616-27

Our pharmacy will serve you with the advice of qualified personnel, experience and wide product range

Chemiestree Chemiestree
(+30)23740 517-05

With a history of 35 years the Pharmacy in Chanioti continues consequently to assist your needs by providing pharmaceutical care, health-wellbeing-beauty-related advice

Milos Pharmacy Milos Pharmacy

Since 1974 the Martakis family have been seamlessly providing their services, approaching every individual need in the most scientific manner

phaρ phaρ
(+30)210 959-5091

If you visit our website you can find out everything about health and beauty products and new remedies. You will be surprised by low prices

«Melidou Chitopoula» Pharmacy «Melidou Chitopoula» Pharmacy

In the heart of the city of Kavala, right by the port, Melidou’s Pharmacy meets all your needs in terms of health, beauty and comfort

«Sarafianos» pharmacy «Sarafianos» pharmacy
(+30)2310 267-026

Here you wil find special consultant - beautician who can suggest appropriate hypoallergenic cosmetics for your skin, from a wide variety of branded companies

Digas Digas
(+30)2310 272-462

"Digas George & Co" founded in 1947 is a trading company with a tradition of over 65 years in the area of marketing medical & laboratory equipment EDICAL & LABORATORY plus Homecare

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