Food shops

Supermarket Penny's shop Supermarket Penny's shop
(+30)23740 228-86

If you are looking of awide choice of quality products at the best prices and you demand for a good service, our Supermarket “Penny’s Shop” is the best choice for you

Municipal Market of Kavala Municipal Market of Kavala
(+30)2510 831-388

Here you will find: fishmongers, butchers, supermarkets and a variety of greengrocers, shops selling food, drinks, salads, nuts and confectionery, and many more

ATHOS NATURA by Tamvakis ATHOS NATURA by Tamvakis
(+30)23770 713-68

You can find traditional Greek products: honey and wine from Mount Athos, alcoholic drinks (ouzo, tsipuro, splendid dry and sweet wine, cognac Metaxa, liqueurs), high-quality extra virgin olive oil, olives and various spices and herbal teas

Supermarket Oikonomou Supermarket Oikonomou
(+30)23750 715-06

Here you will also find local traditional products,great wine collection,bakery products and various sea stuff.