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Restaurant «Arsanas»

«Arsanas» restaurant in Nikiti - Halkidiki, is the place to come and enjoy fine dining and a wonderful atmosphere.

We are a Greek/Mediterranean style restaurant located directly on the beach of Nikiti with a beach patio. Our specialties are fresh and seafood salads, seafood pastas and many other seafood dishes as well as traditional Greek meats from the grill. We use only the freshest natural ingredients, even our salad dressings are made from natural fresh herbs from the garden.

The owner and chef at Arsanas restaurant, Mihalis, has successfully introduced a unique concept - free style cooking. Tell him what your taste is and let him surprise you. If you plan on one special evening when in Nikiti, make it Arsanas!

Address: Nikiti, 63088 Sithonia Chalkidiki

Phone: (+30) 23750 237-87

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