Restaurant "Dionysos"

Within a distance of 3 km from the hot therapeutic springs of "Pozar", at the foot of Mount Voras (aka Kaimaktsalan), lies a picturesque village called Orma. In the village square, under the perennial plane trees and next to the gurgling waters, you'll find situated a friendly and cosy surroundings, which is definitely going to lead you to new savoury pleasures.

The Restaurant "Dionysos", through its 20 years of running, has managed to become an institution in the local area, by presenting samples of quality greek cuisine! Our well-cooked dishes which respect tradition, traditional local recipes and, for the most spirited ones, even new savoury combinations! More specifically, we suggest that you should taste the traditional "Tsobleki", "Wild Boar with chestnuts", "Pork with quince and plums", "Babalaskes" and of course one (if not all!) of our hand-made skewers. You can also accompany your meal or your dinner with a bottle of our abundant wine-vault.

Finally, we would like to point out that our restaurant is a member of the network "Roads of Wine of Northern Greece".

Address: Orma 58400, Aridea

Phone: (+30)23840 944-10