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Restaurant «Mythos»

Dear guests!

Whether you desire a drink, lunch or dinner in a pleasant atmosphere and music, our MYTHOS Team will always do its best to make you feel at home!

To provide to our international guests a real taste of Greek cuisine at the highest level, our chef uses the best extra virgin olive oil and vegetables from exclusively organic cultivation. Our meat - chicken, lamb, beef and pork - come from healthy animals of our own farm, which responds to the highest biological standards. Our fish is always fresh, supplied by local fishermen or caught from the Aegean Sea.

Mythos restaurant is famous for its beautiful and professionally organized wedding occasions. Also, if pizza is your favorite food choice, you can try our new pizzeria - Casa de la Pizza- which is located right next to Mythos Restaurant.

Address: Lindos, Rhodes

Phone: (+30) 22440 313-00

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