Restaurant «Vithos»

The restaurant "Vithos" in Thessaloniki, is an excellent choice for the perfect service, the aesthetics of the area, but mainly for the unique tastes from the Greek cuisine. The space is bright, cheerful, a place created with love and passion.
It has a large variety of seafood (starters, fresh fish, seafood pasta).

The menu was composed with much appetite for all moods.

- The best prices in fresh fish

- Daily fresh fish and seafood, in a beautiful modern space.

  Has a capacity of 160 people for events

  and specializes in professional tables.

- Monday - Tuesday – Wednesday : all day 12 euros per person,

  Pick one of the 3 menu and drink unlimited raki or wine we produce!

- Every Saturday with live music!

Free Wi-Fi.

Address: 36 Agnostou Stratiotou Str, Polichni, 56533, Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 662-376