Grada Nuevo
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Anassa Restaurant Anassa Restaurant
(+30)23740 430-26

A house on the beach, white and blue, with sails ... ready for a trip. Just a Dream. It stands out for its excellent food and great atmosphere

Georgalas Restaurant Georgalas Restaurant
(+30)23990 350-01

People who like to eat the best food will be satisfied by our restaurant, tasting delicious traditional cuisine

«To Kutuki tu Antoni» «To Kutuki tu Antoni»
(+30)23990 220-08

Here you will eat have good fish and meat dishes having many different choices and with always fresh Greek local fish

Restaurant «Dimitris» Restaurant «Dimitris»
(+30)23750 710-09

Our tradition for over 30 years in serving food with the combination of cultivating some of the products from our own, make us one of the best restaurants in Neos Marmaras

Kritikos Restaurants Kritikos Restaurants

Kritikos Restaurant has been preparing selected Mediterranean cuisine since 1977, offering all the traditional dishes plus the finest fresh local fish you have ever tasted

«Elies & Dafnes» «Elies & Dafnes»
(+30)2310 606-500

"Elies & Dafnes" was named the Greek restaurant located in the emerging aesthetic and cultural region of Moni Lazariston

Restaurant «Dia Tauta» Restaurant «Dia Tauta»
(+30)2310 260-384

Dia Tauta restaurant opened its gates in April 2004. Since then, we spent every day serving hundreds of people and making sure they enjoy their time and their meals

Arcadia Restaurant Arcadia Restaurant
(+30)210 923-81-24

The traditional Greek Arcadia restaurant located in Makrygianni area, opposite the Acropolis museum and next to the Acropolis metro station

Castello Restaurant Castello Restaurant
(+30)26840 312-39

Castello's outstanding cuisine features originality by offering Mediterranean & ethnic dishes with traditional & modern ways of cooking

Symposium Restaurant Symposium Restaurant
(+30)26840 321-77

Located in the heart of Parga’s Harbour. Delicious specialities await you for a memorable meal experience in Symposium - freshly prepared and cooked to perfection

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