Grada Nuevo
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Panellinion Restaurant Panellinion Restaurant
(+30)24320 24-735

Our guests can enjoy their meal in the shadow of Meteora mountains. Opposite the restaurant is Koziaka - one of the most beautiful places in the region after Meteora

Kiani Akti (Riviera) Kiani Akti (Riviera)
(+30)23990 212-06

Here you will enjoy in a friendly atmosphere, always fresh fish and amazing appetizers

«7 Thalasses» - Sea Food Restaurant «7 Thalasses» - Sea Food Restaurant
(+30)2310 233-173

It’s famous for its gastronomic creations, its attention to the detail and the emergence of the freshness of the used ingredients, according to the Mediterranean culinary wisdom…

Kouzina Kouzina
(+30)2310 553-239

Restaurant «Kouzina», which in Greek means "kitchen" is located in the heart of Thessaloniki, in the historic district, called Ladadika - where tradition is combined with the quality

El Correo Cocina Argentina El Correo Cocina Argentina
(+30)2310 506-506

Argentinean restaurant «El Correo Cocina-Argenitina» is located in the historic district of the city - Ladadika - where the heart is beating with the same passion

Bistro Bistro
(+30)23740 533-32

Our restaurant offers fresh food in the traditional oven, particular flavors of meat and seafood, delicious desserts and original drinks

Restaurant «Ploton» Restaurant «Ploton»
(+30)23770 314-64

In the beautiful port of Nea Roda just before the Holy Mountain you can relax in the café Floating restaurant

Anassa Restaurant Anassa Restaurant
(+30)23740 430-26

A house on the beach, white and blue, with sails ... ready for a trip. Just a Dream. It stands out for its excellent food and great atmosphere

Georgalas Restaurant Georgalas Restaurant
(+30)23990 350-01

People who like to eat the best food will be satisfied by our restaurant, tasting delicious traditional cuisine

«To Kutuki tu Antoni» «To Kutuki tu Antoni»
(+30)23990 220-08

Here you will eat have good fish and meat dishes having many different choices and with always fresh Greek local fish

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