Address: Epimenidu Maruli str. 14, Rethymno 74100, Crete

Phone: (+30)6974 411-593

Our laboratory.
Our laboratory is located in Rethymnon, Maroulis Epimenidou 14 & Kastrinaki angle, parallel to the first central avenue G. Kountourgiotou. It is very close to the city center, 80 meters from the Square of the Unknown Soldier
We look to preserve and restore your collection. Provide care of valuables (works of art) to better preserve them in time and wear with knowledge, methodology and scientific techniques including all those environmental parameters against known natural or artificial causes deterioration of objects and artworks.

We can hagiography images Byzantine art with egg tempera on wood or plywood with any size and type of wood, straight, with skafoti arch, a cross etc. We use genuine 22K gold. We also create images stylvoto gilding.
We can make copies of old pictures with artificial aging in wood, copies of old paintings on plaster technique seco. Reminiscent of the technique of mural fresco, painting on fresh plaster, but the seco are dry plaster. Which can create tables or portable mural projects.

Historically churches and lodges blueprint for the proper classification performances hagiological Christological, Mother of God and hagiographical cycle respecting the orthodox tradition of the Church.
We use specially treated canvas and acrylic paints high quality non-toxic and environmentally friendly achieving better durability. We can also hagiography directly to the wall by treatment of masonry.

Create mosaic mural floor or in any hagiographical or pictorial matter and size you want, which can decorate churches, arches, public buildings, parks, workplaces and homes. We can also copy and build old mosaics in any dimension desired.

We undertake the maintenance and restoration of the mosaic that is damaged, lost etc chip, the apotoichisi and move into another room.

The chips we use are made of glass , of which have made the best mosaics in the famous monuments in our country and in the whole world.

The materials used are highly qualified and resistanced to moisture and heat, stainless metal armor to better conserve their time without being affected by any weather and environmental parameters prevailing in their showroom.