Nana Golden Beach
Luxury holidays in Greece, at Nana Golden Beach
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S.Oliver means easy going, style, high quality, unique clothes and accessories, reasonable prices but above all means love for fashion! . With more than 40 years of successful existence in Greece and abroad, creates products just for you in order to feel special and unique throughout the day. With 5 different collections for all ages and styles, it won’t take you long to discover that fashion can be achieved in our daily life.

In s.Oliver stores you will find clothes and accessories for all ages, starting from kids to teenagers with the Junior collection and moving on with the young men and women collection, Qs by s.Oliver. For daily appearances you can choose products from the most successful s.Oliver line, the Casual Men and Women collection, where as your formal outfits can be achieved by choosing clothes from the Selection fashion line.

All s.Oliver collections are made for both men and women, except from the new s.Oliver line which is created exclusively for women. Triangle by s.Oliver is a collection with sizes from 48 to 52, so that women who love their bodies could also start to love their fashionable outfits!

s.Oliver is the fashion trend we love! So now, you can discover and love your own personal and fashion style in s.Oliver stores all around Greece!

8 stores in Greece

Lesante Cape Resort & Villas
Luxury 5-star holidays in Zakynthos, at Lesante Cape Resort & Villas
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