Salumeria - Mediterranean Cuisine

If you have recently arrived in the city of Patras, then, don’t forget to visit our fine restaurant «Salumeria» in order to try one of the best Mediterranean cuisine in a friendly environment with a cozy atmosphere and an outstanding service.

One of the finest restaurants downtown in Patras city. Tasty, Greek traditional plates along side with a great wine selection!

One of the finest restaurants in downtown of Patras city.

Try out some of our menu delicious plates such as:

  • Wild boar ribs with roasted sweet potatoes!! (a very tasteful dish),
  • The small pies with apaki and tomato (marinated nonfat pork),
  • Smoked pork with chili jam,
  • Cretan delicacies,
  • The special chicken sandwich with gruyere cheese, mushrooms, tomato & herbs sauce!!
  • The chicken julienne,
  • Also try the beluga lentils with smoked salmon!

Excellent cuisine and modern food styling! Certainly it is worth having in Salumeria restaurant either a glass of wine at the bar along side with a variety of delicacies, or a delightful dinner!

Address: 27 Pantanassis Str, Patras 26221, Achaia

Phone: (+30)2610 225-930