Samaras Furs

Samaras Fur and Leather is a fur and leather company that is distinguished in the Greek market, with activity and abroad. With the craftsmanship of the tradition, the name of the family business has been identified since 1926 with the selected high-quality materials and its diligence seam.

Today with a production workshop in Siatista and stores in Thessaloniki and Florence, the company offers the luxury of aesthetic pleasure and warmth at affordable prices.

Its collections in fur, leather or a combination of fabric with fur include pieces of its own production and famous Italian brands. The world-renowned Mala Mati fur house, the excellent company with luxurious jackets and leather Marco Del Forte, and renowned accessories companies, are trusted Samaras company.

Address: 2 stores in Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 223-540

Samaras Furs - Thessaloniki, center
88 Tsimiski Str, Thessaloniki 546 22
(+30)2310 223-540

Samaras Furs - Thessaloniki, Vas. Olgas
37 Vas. Olgas Avenue, Thessaloniki 546 41
(+30)2310 851-529