Sea of Spa


Sea Of Spa established in 1998, though its activities at the Dead Sea started all the way back at the end of 1980s. The company owns a big range of Dead Sea Beauty Products for the face the body and the hair. Many of these products have already achieved worldwide recognition by the following title

Best Dead Sea Cosmetic products

Some of them are:

Black Pearl Line

Alternative Plus Line

MetroSexual Line for Men

Rich Facial Mud and Body Mask

Dead Sea Water

These Cosmetic products are extracted from the special Dead Sea minerals and are combined with vitamins, oils and natural vegetable extracts from the dessert that are essential for the health and renewal of skin cells.  Sea of Spa products are unique and of exceptionally high quality in relation to the sort of Dead Sea skincare that we have known until now. This is due to the extensive research and development conducted by a team of specialists with a very considerable know-how, including dermatologists, bio-chemists, and bio-technicians of international standing in the world of cosmetics.  The Sea of Spa laboratories use inorganic minerals (not containing carbon, hydrogen or oxygen) from the Dead Sea that are not susceptible to oxidization – and this accounts for the conservation of their highly effective qualities where beauty treatment and care of the face, skin and hair are concerned. Our main field is cosmetics that we already provide & sell within various Hotel Spas and Franchise Shops with a wide range of treatments.

All of our Beauty products designed for the absolute customization to suit our “friends” needs in the most flexible way. 

Your bright appearance our best Satisfaction!

Our competitive advantages are the luxurious packaging of the products, the sensuous smells coming from the use of the very expensive and high quality essential oils as well as the wide variety of products that can cover all of your individual needs.

Ioanna Driva

Address: 7 stores in Greece

Phone: (+30)210 865-82-96