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Sights Of Athens - Hop on hop off Bus

Sights of Athens offers a unique experience around Athens. Explore the Greek capital at your own pace with a hop-on hop-off bus tour that provides easy transportation to key attractions like the Panathenaic Stadium and the Parthenon, part of the Acropolis. With our new combo ticket of 16€, you get the best of five lines for two days; Athens, Piraeus, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, and the Happy Train of Piraeus.

 Don't miss out on the unique opportunity to become acquainted with the most beautiful attractions of one of the most prominent European capitals! Enrich your cruise and your holiday experience with this memorable tour! The tour is also cut out for those of you staying a few more days in Athens; take advantage of the 2-day ticket to further explore the city in your leisure time.

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Blue Line – Piraeus

If you are fresh from the cruise, you can start your journey at either of the cruise Terminals in the Port of Piraeus, just a stone's throw
away from the cruise ship. You may admire attractions such as Pasalimani, the yachts’ marina, and Mikrolimano, the ancient harbour of Piraeus.

Don't miss out on the impressive new Museum of Acropolis, and walk up to the Acropolis hill to admire the Parthenon, as our busses take passengers directly to the most eminent monument of Athens and Greece.

Orange Line – Athens

Visit the Acropolis and Parthenon, the highlights of the city!

The orange line roams by the most beautiful attractions further down the city centre. You may see the Plaka District, the most traditional area of Athens, and mingle with the vibes of ancient Greece.

You can also visit the Gate of the Roman emperor Hadrian, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the largest temple in Greece during the Roman Times. At Syntagma square, you can admire the Hellenic parliament with its impressive guard line and stroll through Hermou, the city’s busiest shopping street. Feel free to explore the Panathenaic stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games were held, the National Library, an outstanding building of great historical value, and the National Archaeological Museum. Roam around the picturesque area of Monastiraki and its Flea Market, and walk through the quaint neighbourhood of Thission. 

Yellow Line − Glyfada

Start your tour to the Athenian Riviera from the Planetarium stop of the Blue Line. Find out how the bewildering desert of the 1900s has evolved into one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Greece! From the Niarchou Foundation to the Marina Alimou, the Glyfada Line is a blending of history and modernism; a combination of culture of old days and entertainment of our times. Enjoy the sunset from Marina Flisvou, or swim and sunbathe in Agios Kosmas. In the Glyfada Terminal, you may wander around the most cosmopolitan suburbs of the capital, enjoy the luxurious department stores and wind down in the beautiful cafes. Don't miss out on the beach bar and taste a cocktail by the seaside!

Green Line − Vouliagmeni

Vouliagmeni may have been associated with the beaches, but the area is a history lesson on its own. From the Allied Forces Cemetery to the Byzantine Museum, Vouliagmeni Line is certainly worth a visit. Relax at the beautiful beach of Kavouri Oceanis, one

of the most popular beaches in Athens. Vouliagmeni Lake, one of the most popular spots in Athens, is a wonder of natural beauty. Don’t miss out on a jump into the thermal baths and admire the breathtaking surroundings.

The Happy Train of Piraeus

Starting from the Cruise ship Terminals, The Happy Train of Piraeus takes you on a round trip of one of the most picturesque suburbs of the capital. Embark on a half-an-hour trip passing by the Municipal Theatre, the Nautical Museum or Pasalimani. Don’t miss out on a stroll round Korai Square, the commercial centre of Piraeus, just a stone’s throw from the Private Yacht Marine.

Sights of Athens gives you the opportunity for a rewarding and low cost tour in one of the most historical cities in Europe.Explore
Athens and Piraeus by taking advantage of our frequent bus routes and our low prices (16€ for all lines). There is a wide variety of 16 languages of recorded commentary so as to familiarise yourselves with the various historical, cultural and social aspects of one of the most ancient capitals of the world. What’s more, our hop-on hop-off tickets give you total flexibility to further explore Piraeus and Athens sights as the bus passes by them.

All our busses have low-floor easy access with a designated wheelchair space. Free earphones are provided on boarding.

Take advantage of our two-day ticket to wander around Athens and Piraeus as many times as you wish!
All our passengers have access to Free Wi-Fi.

Address: 81 Akti Miaouli Str, Piraeus 18538

Phone: (+30) 210 417-6144

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