Menswear XXL-10XL «Kingsize Soufleris»

Men's clothing from XXL to 10XL.

At our company SOUFLERIS we specialize for the past 40 years (since 1974) in men’s clothing. We are a chain of stores that have reached in North Greece.15 shops in Thessaloniki and other cities.

From our long experience, we realized even back in the ‘90s, that there is a great demand, for men’s clothing in sizes bigger than 2XL ( which people cloud find in the market), so there was a big gap!

After years of research to find the best manufactures, who specialize in producing clothes for men in supersizes, contracts were made between us and them for EXCLUSIVE Co-operation and supply of company. In October of 2006, the first shop “KING SIZE” (at Venizelou str) in center of Thessaloniki was a fact! Since it was a huge success right from the start, a second “KING SIZE” store was opened in the fast graving eastern side of the city.

So right now, we are the company with the biggest experience, in men’s oversize clothing, in the market, not only in Greece but through the whole of the Balkans!

We import the highest quality merchandise, from manufactures with great knowledge in the field from USA or from Europe, that fulfils the demands of our customers. A gentleman that wears sizes from 2XL to 8XL and comes to our shops, will be absolutely satisfied from the variety and the choices that will find at us, the famous brands in big sizes (which we exclusively sell), the quality and the fit of our clothes, which offer elegance and comfort to the demands of the oversized. And all of that at very reasonable prices! Come to visit us at SOUFLERIS “KING SIZE”, as thousands of new customers from many countries do, every year!

Buying clothes from us is an XX Big experience……...

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Kingsize Soufleris - Афины
ул. Колокотрони 13, Халандри, 152 33, Афины
(+30)2155 051-720

Kingsize Soufleris - Thessaloniki
14 El. Venizelou Str, Thessaloniki, 546 24
(+30)2310 229-990

Kingsize Soufleris - Kalamaria, Thessaloniki
56 Makedonias St. & Karamanli, Kalamaria, 551 34, Thessaloniki
(+30)2310 458-554

Kingsize Soufleris - Xanthi
31 Tsimiski Str, Xanthi, 671 00, Thrake
(+30)2541 022-488