Mizuno Mizuno

«Mizuno» concentrates all its efforts on the promotion and support of physical and mental health through sport and advanced products which manufactures

PAOK FC City Store - 1926 PAOK FC City Store - 1926
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In one "black and white" city, Paok gives the opportunity to his friends and fans from all over the world to have their own corner in the city of Thessaloniki

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Traxx is a fashion sportswear store situated in the centre of Rhodes town that carries original products from sports and fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse, Vans etc.

Dansport Dansport

Our priority is the quality of products and service to our customers. In our shops you will find sports clothing for men, women and children, fitness clothing, apparel for swimming pool and ballet

Underground Underground
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Street fashion has dressed and still dresses a whole generation. Underground has been watching the fashion for many years, always providing a full range of clothing from the most modern and trendy streetwear brands

Animal Animal

Animal is a UK action sports lifestyle brand, boasting an extensive team of riders in each of its core sports. These are Surf, Snowboard, Ski, BMX, Skateand Mountain Bike

Sportivo Sportivo
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In Sportivo you will find sneakers, sportswear and accessories, which will escort you to the stadium, to the gym, to home, to work to your hobby and to your entertainment