Street food

Bombidia Bombidia
(+30)2310 281-939

Bombidia - excellent traditional local food right in the Modiano alley.

Falafel House Falafel House
(+30)2310 238-091

“Small, but very cozy place with the best falafel in town!” - these are the words most often used to describe Falafel House by its visitors.

Monument Monument

Opposite the entrance to the Rotunda, is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the coffee while admiring the very special monument of the city

To Manolio To Manolio
(+30)6974 748-545

If you are a barbecue fan, then the canteen “to Manolio” is definitely a place you will love.

24 hour fast food 24 hour fast food
(+30)23740 415-07

The 24 hour fast food is waiting for you to taste the quality of meats that selected in the best prices

Krema Krema
(+30)2313 002-995

You will find us in one of the most picturesque and lively places in Stavroupoli, in the center of the sq. Terpsifea, only 2 minutes away from Moni Lazariston and the famous hotel Les Lazaristes

“Serraiki Bougatsa Sakis” “Serraiki Bougatsa Sakis”
(+30)25931 122-56

You should definitely make a stop at “Serraiki Bougatsa Sakis” so that you may enjoy bougatsa filled with cream, cheese, spinach, minced meat and many more homemade pies

Frutomagia Refanidis Frutomagia Refanidis
(+30)2310 240-489

Exotic fruits, vegetables and an innovative Fresh Bar in the center of Thessaloniki.

«Spitiko» «Spitiko»
(+30)2310 272-397

Here you will find traditional Greek pies, pizza, variety of cold sandwiches and many other tasty products for all tastes