Ellas Taverna
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«Hellanion Fos» «Hellanion Fos»
(+30)28310 812-83

Welcome to Cretan Traditional family taverna Hellanion Fos. With much care and attention we created a special place where the nature surrounds you, creating one unforgettable atmosphere

«Palios Mylos» Tavern «Palios Mylos» Tavern
(+30)28310 812-09

The «Old Mill» Taverna (Palios Mylos in Greek) at Argyroupoli of Rethymno in Crete is awaiting to welcome you in a beautiful and unique landscape surrounded by trees and streams with crystal clear waters

Taverna «Bakalis» Taverna «Bakalis»
(+30)2374 630-60

Situated at the beach of Pefkοhori, taverna Bakalis offers you unique recipies, specially cooked seafood and fresh fish

«GEORGIA’S» Traditional Taverna «GEORGIA’S» Traditional Taverna
(+30)28250 616-71

Just before the Kournas lake, you will find the taverna GEORGIA'S. It is built between olive trees for plenty of shade even during the hottest summer days and offers you all the ingredients from its garden

Taverna «Romios» Taverna «Romios»
(+30)6971 83-88-43

Our specialty is moussaka and grilled sea bream (Dora). Wine - raki - ouzo are of our own production. Also we have several kinds of beer and every weekend we have live music

Fish Taverna «Takis» Fish Taverna «Takis»
(+30)23740 414-13

Our fish taverna has been serving its numerous customers since 1945, and is located just a stone's throw from the spotlessly clean sea

Fish Taverna «Stamatis» Fish Taverna «Stamatis»
(+30)6973 78-62-02

Keeping the tradition, one that knew the Greek women of households with low heat with Chalkomata and Tsoukalia with mortar and rolling pin, my ancestors created in 1939 the taverna called "Stamatis"

Taverna «Metohi» Taverna «Metohi»
(+30)6977 268-210

Gazing the most beautiful sunset, you will be able to enjoy the wide variety of grilled and impaled local meat dishes as well as unique salads and starters

Taverna «To Metohi» Taverna «To Metohi»
(+30)23770 513-79

With completely renovated kitchen, the fish taverna "To Metohi", is ready to offer you tastes from Mount Athos, Ammouliani and Mediterranean sea

Fish tavern «Christos» Fish tavern «Christos»
(+30)23750 712-11

We wait for you there where the sea holds the sun, where the taste finds the way to the heart and creates sweet emotions leaving you with beautiful memories

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