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Taxi Heraklion

In 1978, the Heraklio Radio Taxi which then had only 25 members, pioneered and launched the first Radio-Taxi service in Greece.

The benefits of the immediate service of the commuters, through the wireless communication between the call center and the taxi-drivers, became evident very quickly to the rest of Greece, with tens of other societies, unions and companies following our example.

Today, our Heraklion Radio Taxi Association consists of 300 members in Heraklion city and after years of improvements and enhancements our facilities are more modern and efficient than ever.
Since 2004, we have been operating a pioneering Automated Fleet Management-Call Distribution System. When the client calls the center and gives his address, the system detects (through GPS) the position of the vehicles and sends the nearest Taxi to the client, minimizing waiting time and improving the quality of service.

The Automated Fleet Management-Call Distribution System is the only taxi-call system in Greece which has the ability to recognize and understand speech and one of the few systems in the world with these particular characteristics.

Our Fleet
Our fleet consists of 300 cars, taxi in Heraklion. Half of these cars are MERCEDES BENZ while the remaining 50% consists of various brands, such as TOYOTA, OPEL, SKODA and VOLKSWAGEN. Some of the cars are also hybrid, showing our sensitivity towards the benefits of green development.
The entire fleet is comprised of new cars (1st launch in 2004 or later) and all are perfectly serviced. They have undergone Vehicle Technical Control Center (KTEO) tests, have air-conditioning and offer passengers all modern conveniences.

Our Drivers
All our drivers own the special taxi driver card, speak English and most of them speak a second foreign language. They also know all the areas and sights of Crete very well and regularly participate in seminars so as to serve commuters and, in particular, visitors to the island.


  • Simple Routes
    We offer a complete transportation service, 24 hours a day, providing safety, convenience and reliability to our clients.
  • Book a taxi
    You can book a taxi (regardless of the departure and arrival points) and be sure that your driver will be there on time. You can also request special services, such as the transportation of people with special needs, children and V.I.P.s, as well as a car seat for children. 
  • Day Trips
    Through our day trips, you can admire at firsthand the natural beauties and rich culture of Crete, enjoying your independence and the luxurious ride. You can swim in the clear sea of the island’s magnificent coast, enjoy the sights, have a break for lunch or coffee at some picturesque settings and do your shopping.
  • Transfer Services for people with special needs 

Ethnomartiron str. 76, Heraklion 71409, Crete

(+30) 2810 231-223

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