Music Hall Thessaloniki Music Hall Thessaloniki
(+30)2310 89-59-38

«Theatron» «Theatron»
(+30)212 254-03-00

"Theatron" - is a new multi-purpose part of the Cultural Center "Greek World", which consists of several hall

Theater «Pallas» Theater «Pallas»
(+30)210 364-07-83

The renewed theater «Pallas» is in the City Link building on Voukourestiou St. - on the most lively streets of the capital of Greece

Throne of Helios Throne of Helios
(+30)22410 768-50

The Throne of Helios is a modern entertainment center that combines cinema and thematic area, historical exhibits and screenings

Dora Stratou Dance Theatre Dora Stratou Dance Theatre
(+30)210 324-43-95

Daily performances in its 860-seat garden theatre, located on Philopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis

Home of Arts and Literature Home of Arts and Literature
(+30)210 900-58-00

Music Hall Music Hall
(+30)210 72-82-333

Odeon Odeon
(+30)210 324-18-07

Badminton Theater Badminton Theater
(+30)211 101-00-00

National Theater of Northern Greece National Theater of Northern Greece
(+30)2315 200-200

National Theatre of Northern Greece - E.T.V.E. (Etniko Teatro Vorias Elladas) was founded in 1961. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, is considered one of the biggest theater organizations, not only in Greece in all Europe