Throne of Helios
Throne of Helios
(+30)22410 768-50

The Throne of Helios is a modern entertainment center that combines cinema and thematic area, historical exhibits and screenings

Dora Stratou Dance Theatre Dora Stratou Dance Theatre
(+30)210 324-43-95

Daily performances in its 860-seat garden theatre, located on Philopappou Hill, opposite the Acropolis

Home of Arts and Literature Home of Arts and Literature
(+30)210 900-58-00

Music Hall Music Hall
(+30)210 72-82-333

Badminton Theater Badminton Theater
(+30)211 101-00-00

National Theater of Northern Greece
National Theater of Northern Greece
(+30)2315 200-200

National Theatre of Northern Greece - E.T.V.E. (Etniko Teatro Vorias Elladas) was founded in 1961. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, is considered one of the biggest theater organizations, not only in Greece in all Europe

Music Hall Thessaloniki Music Hall Thessaloniki
(+30)2310 89-59-38

«Theatron» «Theatron»
(+30)212 254-03-00

"Theatron" - is a new multi-purpose part of the Cultural Center "Greek World", which consists of several hall

Theater «Pallas» Theater «Pallas»
(+30)210 364-07-83

The renewed theater «Pallas» is in the City Link building on Voukourestiou St. - on the most lively streets of the capital of Greece