Portes Lithos Luxury Resort
New eclectic style hotel in Halkidiki
Portes Lithos Luxury Resort

Throne of Helios

3D picture, sound, motion, rain, snow, wind, fire and even smells, placing the service of the senses and entertainment.

The Throne of Helios is a modern entertainment center that combines cinema and thematic area, historical exhibits and screenings.

It is a unique combination of historical tradition and high technology, in the historic building of the old cinema «St. George » on March 25 street , which was the first cinema in Rhodes, build by the Italians in 1927.

Architects, engineers, interior designers, sculptors, historians consultants, Greek and European technicians, specialized in cinema and new inter-active technologies, created a separate space and an equally unique production, which comes to enrich the travel experience of visitors and help upgrade Rhodes as a tourist destination.

Modern thrones in the form of 49 leather seats type supercar, based on hydraulic bases by providing by computer a realistic experience motion and navigation in space and time.

Address: Corner of 2 25 Martiou St. & Ethnarhou Makariou, Rhodes

Phone: (+30)22410 768-50

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