Portes Lithos Luxury Resort
Luxury seaside resort in Halkidiki
Portes Lithos Luxury Resort
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Located on the beach of Paradisos in Neos Marmaras, To Simadi restaurant is a fish taverna that has been in business for 15 years. You can sit on the beautiful ‘Blue Flag’ beach – Paradisos and enjoy your dinner while watching the sun setting.

Fish Taverna To Simadi offers fresh fish caught daily in the clear waters of Halkidiki’s gulfs around the Sithonia and Athos peninsulas. Try our specialities – such as grilled fish and octopus, fried calamari and delightful ways of cooking shrimps and mussels. We also offer traditional Greek cuisine such as moussaka prepared according to recipes handed down through the generations. We also serve other traditional Greek grilled meats.

Tables are placed in the sand on the Paradisos beach where you can enjoy your evening to the gentle sound of the waves on the shore. We are open already from morning to serve coffee and refreshments and keep working until late in the night when the last customer wants to go to sleep.

Address: Paradisos beach, Neos Marmaras, 63081 Chalkidiki

Phone: (+30) 23750 722-42

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