Traditional goods

The Bronze The Bronze
(+30)2810 781-185

Since 1964 we manufacture bronze statuettes and other artifacts, using the method of smelting, by the exact same way that ancient Greeks were producing their artifacts

Crete Ceramics Crete Ceramics
(+30)2810 781-600

Family Kaparounaki serves in the art of pottery, from the past to the present day, with zeal, imagination, desire and inspiration to art, trying to leave their mark in this field of crete's traditions.

Cretan knives «Klinis» Cretan knives «Klinis»
(+30)2810 822-062

In 1971 Mr. John Klinis, when was child, was initiaded the art of Cretan knives, next to the best craftsmen of the time

Giannis Ceramic Giannis Ceramic
(+30)22410 561-67

Our workshop was established in 1980 and since then we have been working in the traditional technique of ceramics in Rhodes. We offer all kinds of handmade ceramic products in various shapes and sizes that will satisfy every taste

Silk Line Silk Line
(+30)25540 241-13

The high-quality silk fabrics which are manufactured by this machinery are used for making embroidery, runners, bed sheets, scarves, curtains, clothes, throws and neckties