Traditional products

Meraki Iliaki
Olive tree Olive tree
(+30)22410 869-11

In our store you will find a wide range of branded products from such companies as Macrovita, Bioselect, Corpus & Mythos

Olive point Olive point
(+30)22410 869-75

In Olive Point you will find a wide selection of natural cosmetics and traditional local products at best prices

Afrodite Afrodite
(+30)22410 769-92

The «Toula Natura» shop collaborates with leading companies in the field of biological & cosmetic products and has managed to achieve unbeatable prices on the market

The shop The shop
(+30)22410 211-49

In our stores you will find traditional Greek products, natural and organic cosmetics from companies such as BIOSELECT and MACROVITA, high quality Greek olive oil, olives, honey, natural sponges, handmade pottery and bronze souvenir - at the best prices

«To paradosiako» «To paradosiako»
(+30)26610 382-77

In our store you will find all the products that can offer the nature of Corfu

Loux Loux

The firm produces a wide variety of soft drinks and natural juices covering all needs of the market

Chrisostomakis Bio Chrisostomakis Bio
(+30)23770 715-94

Here at Chrisostomakis Bio, we import high-quality products from Mount Athos

Nikiti Honey Nikiti Honey
(+30)23750 225-08

Here you can find different varieties of high-quality honey, comb honey, pure beeswax, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, ointments and natural handmade soap, olives and olive oil from the olive groves of the family

«Ntantos» feta «Ntantos» feta
(+30)2315 529-191

Feta «Ntantos» is made exclusively from 70% sheep's and 30% of goat fresh milk

BIO Protasi BIO Protasi
(+30)23730 658-60

In our store You wil find natural and organic cosmetics and wide variety of traditional greek products

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