Church goods Triantopoulos

In accordance with tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy, the main core (trunk, log) in interpretation of dogma is considered
as worship, in which priestly vessels behold a dominant position, cover main religious service needs and also portray
(express) the eternal world of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Throughout the ages, well-intended artists with the use of their techniques, applied their ability and piety, which
resulted in creation of precious (valuable) vessels which embellish the treasures of our monasteries and also virtrine's of
museums. These priestly vessels are not only considered priceless due to their expensive material, but, most significantly,
because of the purpose for their usage, form and history.

In addition to this, alongside with the continuous direction of this tradition which we follow, we study the wealthy
inheritance of our fathers, and continue our creative course of expression on the pathways of the East. With particular
attention, we choose materials (gold, silver, precious stones) concepts and techniques which pile up a bibliography with
practical necessity of worshiping, in which the products of our workshops would contain a creative continuation of
workshops that Constantinople, the Holy Land, and Mount Athos once had.

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