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Tzimas Cosmetics are designed to counter modern-day environmental conditions and meet the seasonal needs of all skin types; the skincare series provides moisturizing, cleansing, revitalizing, anti-aging, regenerating, firming and sun protection solutions.

Tzimas Cosmetics has been making cosmetic products since 1957. An entirely Greek company founded by Ioannis Tzimas, today it is run by the family’s second generation of chemist-cosmetologists, George and Lila Tzimas.

The laboratory is the heart of the company, where experienced stuff is working constantly on the development of new products, according to the most recent trends in cosmetology. Based on raw materials with the highest degree of purity, Tzimas Cosmetics always have a recent production date, which enhances their effectiveness and potency. Research for product optimisation is continuous and strict laboratory testing is carried out at all stages of production.

To achieve optimal effectiveness of products, multifunctional ingredients that act synergistically are used. Raw materials are chosen according to evidence-based studies that test both their potency and safety. Tzimas Cosmetics are produced using mostly natural ingredients, such as:

  • Herbal extracts and ingredients primarily from the Mediterranean flora
  • Seaweed extracts and marine enzyme complexes
  • Hyaluronic acid of biotechnological origin, in various forms for a wide range of applications
  • Active plant stem cells
  • Amino acids and bioactive peptides
  • Greek extra virgin olive oil and selected plant oils
  • Vitamins
  • Photostable UV filters
  • Essential oils

The cosmetics have a skin-friendly texture, a mild scent and practical and informative packaging.

Tzimas Cosmetics offers a full range of facial, body and hair care products.

Essential, plant and fragrance oils form the basis of the company’s wellness and aromatherapy products made for relaxation and mood upliftment, and are also often used to enhance the potency of skincare products.

Tzimas Cosmetics products are available in Thessaloniki, at:
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2 Edessis Str. – Tel.: (+30) 2310 552805
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