Zithos is a lovingly restored restaurant in the heart of the buzzing, colourful old market in Ladadika which welcomed its first customer in 1990. The perfect environment to sit back and be pampered with lifes little pleasures. Dore, the legendary bar and restaurant hangout across the White Tower was revived with the same affection in 1995 as Dore-Zithos. A warm place which calls to mend memories from the good old times. Both restaurants feature a Mediterranean cuisine with the use of only fresh local materials and a wide selection of local beers and wines.

Address: 2 restaurants in Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 540-284

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«Zithos» - Ladadika
5 Katouni Str, Ladadika
(+30)2310 540-284

«Ntore-Zithos» - White tower
7 Tsirogianni Str, White tower
(+30)2310 279-010