Now For Something Completely Different…

18-19 August 2016

Volcano Stefenos

A musical program in a volcano crater. That’s right. On the island of Nisyros,  the Dodecanese,for 10 hours, 34 minutes (from sunset to sunrise), on Thursday-Friday, the 18th and 19th of August, 15 musicians will meet and play together in an improvised program, with no previous rehearsal, in the moon-like envionmentg of the Stephanos crater on Nisiros, under the light of the full moon

The musicians will throw the kitchen sink at music lovers, including electric guitars, bass, pre-recorded music, flute, percussion, piano, cello, laptops, keys, bagpipe, clarinet and percussion. They will gather in a circle at the base of the crater and start playing together, taking breaks individually as needed.