Thessaloniki Street Food Festival April 29-30

29-30 April 2017

Thessaloniki Street Food FestivalSome consider Thessaloniki the food capital of Greece. Its strategic position as a crossroads between east and west, Turkey, the Balkans, greater Europe, the Greek Islands and points further south, plus its rich ethnic Greko/Turko/Judeo tradition has made Greece's Second City a repository of an incredibly varied, ever-evolving cuisine.

Much of that tradition involves street-side carry out which runs the gamut from the more prosaic souvlaki-gyro shops to chicken nuggets, sushi, pizza, sandwich shops, and many others which have made their wares easily available to the pedestrian traffic of the city, whether they be native Thessalonians, tourists, or university students.

The first Thessaloniki Street Food Festival will use the open spaces of the New City Hall, just east of the Archeological Museum on the east side of the city center, as its table, laying out a varied feast for one and all the last two days of April.

There you can wander, sampling the great variety of food on offer and imbibing in all kinds of liquid refreshment. It's a great way to spend a sunny spring day in beautiful Thessaloniki.

What: Thessalonki Street Food Festival
: New City Hall, GPS 40.6234 22.9526
: April 29-30