The Alma Zois (Leap of Life) Sails Thessaloniki's Gulf of Thermi

Мероприятия Ассоциации «Алма Зоис» в СалоникахThis year's rendezvous point for the Greek breast cancer awareness group the Association of Women With Breast Cancer will be the Alexander the Great monument just east of the White Tower on Thessaloniki's waterfront. A sailboat race in honor of breast cancer awareness, symbolized by the use of the color pint, will be held at that point on Sunday, May 15th. Participating will be the city's sailing clubs, the yacht owner's union, offshore sailing schools, Olympic champions, champions, clubs, associations, professionals, volunteers, and all people who care about this project.

In conjunction with the sailing race, the March of Hope will start at the monument, ending at the port, 1.5km to the west.

A day earlier, on Saturday, May 14th, the Pink Cocktail party will be held at 8 PM at the pool area at the Makedonia Palace Hotel, also on the waterfront, west of the Alexander monument a few hundred meters. Featured will be live music from Partytura with DJ George Tsakiropoulo. Entrance is free.

The Alma Zois organization organizes awareness events focusing of breast cancer and spreads the message that breast cancer is not invincible. The airline company Mouzenides and Grecodom, both part of the Mouzenides Group, participate as sponsors of these events, supporting the efforts of Alma Zois.