Ancient Tragedy Excerpts Slated For Ancient Theatre of Dodoni

20 July 2016

Ancient Theatre of Dodoni

Actors from 8 different countries will interpret excerpts from clasical Greek tragedians at the ancient theatre of Dodoni, in Epirus, northwestern Greece on the 20th of July. The sanctuary of Dodoni was a major spiritual place in ancient Greece. It was the oldest of the Greek oracles and ancient people traveled great distances to this then remote corner of the country in order to receive advice for everything from the choice of marriage partner to the decision to make war on an enemy.

Greeks invented drama, and some excellent examples of their ancient art will be on offer. Their timeless themes inspire us even today, reminding us of the complexities of the human condition in timeless stores that live forever.

Actors from Greece, France, Sweden, Germany, Egypt, Nigeria, Chile and Zimbabwe are already in the Dodoni area, rehearsing their roles under the guidance of program director Kontaxi Claus.

"This is a major undertaking, “ Claus remarked. “Congratulations to the municipality of Dodona, which has made this event possible.” .

The program will be composed of excerpts from the tragedies Prometheus Bound, Iphigenia in Aulis, The Trojan Women, Electra, Oedipus Rex, Antigone, and Medea and Persians.

They will be simultaneously interpreted into seven different languages, Greek, Arabic, Spanish, French, English, German and Swedish.