Potidea Palace Hotel

Address: Nea Potidea, Chalkidiki

Phone: (+30)23730 416-53


The luxurious hotel Potidea Palace is situated in a very picturesque place: on a strip of land between two gulfs, right next to the sea, with an amazing panoramic view on Mt. Olympus. The architecture of the buildings fits well the beauty of the nature. Next to the pool, there is a diminished copy of the famous Parthenon serving as a pavilion.

After staying on the beach, you can visit the health and beauty center or the IDEA winery, where you can taste wonderful Greek wines (more than 1700 sorts of wine).

The hotel consists of a central building and 9 two-storey buildings. In 2009-10, the exterior of the hotel was changed, the restaurant was renovated. The hotel has its own sand beach. Sunbeds and umbrellas are free. The hotel, which applies the system “ultra all inclusive”, charms one with the atmosphere of coziness, high-class service and the welcoming professionalism of the staff. Enjoy resting in excellent rooms, have a cup of coffee in the original Parthenon pavilion, and try exquisite dishes of the Greek cuisine at the new fish restaurant Acropolis, offering an unforgettable view on the sea from its terrace.


There are a total of 230 rooms: 102 Standard Rooms, 34 Double Eco Rooms, 20 Double Deluxe Rooms (New!), 42 Family Rooms, 10 Junior Suites, 20 Suites (New!), 1 Presidential Suite (New!), Suite Grand Presidential (New!).

All the rooms have: central air conditioner, heating, refrigerator, safe (free), LCD TV set (satellite TV), DVD player, music, telephone, bathroom (bath or shower), hairdryer, utensils for making tea or coffee. All the rooms have a balcony/terrace with a view on either the sea or garden. Most of the rooms have renovated bathrooms (instead of a bath there is a shower with hydro-massage). The type of an additional bed – standard or unfolding sofa.

Сheck out time 12:00 – Сheck in time 14:00 

Standard Room:
Possible accommodation: 3 adults or 2 adults+1 child. Double room Eco offers a view on the road.

Double Deluxe Room:
They are new constructed double rooms with handmade solid oak furniture (one king size bed and a single one), bathroom with shower-hydromassage. Apart the basic equipment, bathrobes and brand names amenities are provided.
Family Room:
Apartments with 2 rooms interconnected with an internal door: the main bedroom with 2 single beds + 1 additional bed (same type of arrangement as with the Standard Room), and a second bedroom with a folding sofa.  One bathroom, 2 LCD TV sets.  Possible accommodation – 3 adults and 1 child, or 2 adults and 2 children.
Deluxe Family Room:
They are new constructed family rooms with handmade solid oak furniture. They consist of 2 separate rooms -one king size bed in bedroom and a single one in the other room, bathroom with shower-hydromassage.  2 LCD TV sets, Nespresso machine . Apart the basic equipment, bathrobes and brand names amenities are provided.
Junior Suite:
They consist of 2 separate rooms, a bedroom with kind size bed and a living room. They are luxury furnished, bathroom wiht hydromassage. Apart the basic equipment, bathrobes and brand names amenities are provided. Residents of junior suites are entitled to have their meals in our luxury restaurant “Acropolis”. Internet wireless access via TV as well.
They are luxury rooms with handmade solid oak furniture. They consist of 2 separate rooms, a bedroom with king size bed and a spacious living room, bathroom with bath-jacuzzi. Apart the basic equipment, bathrobes and brand names amenities are provided. Residents of suites are entitled to have their meals in our luxury restaurant “Acropolis”. Internet wireless access via TV as well.
Presidential Suite:
It is one brand new luxurious room, decorated with special handmade solid oak furniture and fine fabrics, consisted of spacious living room with dining room, office, bedroom with king size bed, bathroom with bath-jacuzzi and hydromassage. Optionally connected with a de lux room (presidential grand). Apart the basic equipment, bathrobes and brand names amenities are provided. Residents of p. suite are entitled to have their meals in our luxury restaurant “Acropolis”. Internet wireless access via TV as well.
Services (General):
  • Sweet water pool (sunbeds, umbrellas and towels).
  • Vegetarian food
  • Internet-internet, free Wi-Fi on the whole territory of the hotel
  • Conference hall for 150 people.
  • Mini-market with souvenirs and food products
  • Jewelry shop
  • Massage
  • Beauty Salon
  • Solarium
  • Hairdresser’s shop
  • Gymnasium
  • Fitness center
  • Hamam
  • Sauna
  • New closed pool with hydro-massage (4×4) – at the Benter of Beauty and Health
  • Laundry
  • Tele-hall
  • Safe
  • Doctor
  • Currency exchange
  • Vine Cellar “KAVA IDEA”  
  • Animation – day and night entertainment program
  • Greek night – once a week
  • Live music
  • Disco 
  • Water sports
  • Mini-football 5×5
  • Beach volley
  • 2 tennis courts with hard surface
  • Diving 
  • Children’s ground
  • Children’s pool with sweet water
  • Children’s club
  • Children’s cinema
  • Child food 

Central restaurant

Α la carte restaurant Acropolis
Here, with genuine Greek hospitality, you will be offered dishes of the Greek cuisine from alpha to omega: from light appetizers and fresh salads, through delicious main fish course and sea food, to wonderful desert. While sipping wine with the subtle tints of taste of the Greek grape on a sun-lit terrace, you will be enjoying the unforgettable view of the endless sea.
The halls of Acropolis decorated in the exquisite Greek style, the beautiful kitchenware and stylish interior create a disposition for pleasant pastime and make the wonderful cuisine even more enjoyable. Now you can have dinner on the luxurious terrace of the restaurant offering a fantastic panoramic view. The endless sea, the richness of the colors of the Greek sunset, the white columns of the Parthenon – this magical picture will remain in your memory forever, while the delicate taste of Greek wine will emphasize the uniqueness of the moment.

Brasserie-restaurant at the pool
Central bar (at the beginning and the end of the season operates depending on the weather conditions)
Bar at the pool
Bar on the beach
Hookah bar Anatolia(NEW!)

SPA Center:

At your service: a new indoor pool with hydro-massage, Jacuzzi, hamam, sauna, relaxation room, hairdresser’s, face and body treatment, massage, aromatherapy, chocolate-therapy, etc.

While visiting the SPA Center you will be able to rest and benefit from professional health procedures.  Do not deny yourself the pleasure of having a cup of coffee, juice or tea in a calm atmosphere and beautiful environment.

Face Treatment:

1. Moisturizing rejuvenating procedure
Stress, toxic exhaust, cold, fatigue, smoking and age changes – these are just some of the factors leading to the de-moisturizing of the skin and worsening of its condition.  Wrinkles appear, the tonus falls, and the skin loses the radiance, elasticity and healthy look.

The Hydra procedure brings quick and visible effect by reviving and restoring the skin.  The grape flowers – the main component of the therapy – activate maximum energy necessary for the deep moisturizing of the skin.  The grape flowers constitute a very rare phenomenon.  They can be seen only twice a year – before the fruits start to form.

After such a procedure, the skin becomes soft as silk and starts looking in a completely different way.

2. Nutri’Action – nutrient, refreshing procedure
Dry skin is the result of the lack of nutrients and lipids.  Such skin is unable to retain water and quickly loses its fresh and healthy look: the skin becomes rough and sensitive, often exfoliates.  The factors leading to this condition can be of genetic and hormonal nature.  Also, the dryness of the skin can often be caused by low-calorie diets and adverse exterior conditions.

Specifically for this type of skin, the Nutri’ Action procedure has been developed.  Bee wax, jojoba oil and wheat oil containing many vitamins – these are the main components of the therapy, which contribute to the restoration of radiance and the moisturizing of the skin.

Wrinkles disappear, and the skin becomes smooth, even and rested.

3. Radiance – energy and treatment for your skin
Flabby skin can spoil any appearance.  Fatigue, stress, age changes and adverse exterior conditions unavoidably affect the condition of the epidermis.  In this situation, the toxins are not removed from the surface of the skin, and dead cells remain on the surface.

Radiance is an efficient SOS therapy immediately bringing visible results.  It is a tender and refreshing treatment of the skin, the main components of which are white clay and chamomile.  This procedure is an imperative if you have a festive event, where you have to look irresistible.  Radiance will fill your skin with the shining of a cheerful morning.

4. Matt Touch – balance and cleaning
Mixed and fat skin cause their owners problems, which interfere with enjoying the pleasures of everyday life.  In order to restore the freshness of the skin and its healthy look, the face has to be meticulously cleaned with the help of certain substances containing strong balancing components.  The Matt Touch procedure rids the skin of fat, which clogs the pores and gives the epidermis unhealthy glistening.

The key component of the therapy is kaolin, which absorbs excessive fat and dirt.  The result is health and clean skin without spots or inflammations.

5. Anti-stress care for men – toning procedure

Smoking, cold, shaving, stress and the adverse factors of the environment affect negatively men’s skin.  The skin becomes sensitive, looks flabby, there appear red spots.

A special anti-stress therapy has been developed specifically for men’s skin.  Intensive care will treat, moisturize, remove signs of fatigue.

Body Treatments:

1. Body Scrub  30 min.
Scrubs help to remove dead cells from the skin.  They help to regenerate and restore the skin making it clean, healthy, glistening and fresh.  This procedure would ideally prepare the skip for future tanning.

2. Aromatherapy Massage 25 min/45 min
A procedure, which makes use of etheric oils received from medicinal herbs.  Provides positive effect on different levels: organic, psychological and pharmacological.  Notable improves physical, psychological and emotional condition.  Helps the body to better cope with diseases, brings relief.

Sandalwood Oil
Is produced by means of distilling sandalwood, which grows in India and Indonesia.
Sandalwood oil is widely used in perfumery.  Has sedative effect.

Rose Oil
Is produced by means of distilling the petals of fresh roses.  Has stimulating and activating effect.  Rose oil cures neuroses, removes stress, increases productivity.

Ylang- Ylang Oil
Is produced from the large yellow flowers of the ylang-ylang tree of the custard-apple family.  Ylang-ylang oil has good rejuvenating qualities.  Is used with success for adding tonus to the fading facial skin.  Relaxes, removes stress.

Vanilla Oil
Is produced by means of distilling the flowers of the Vanilla Planifolia plant.  Has calming qualities, increases sexuality.  Improves the elasticity and softness of the skin; removes neurosis-caused rash and irritation.

Lemon Oil
Is produced from lemon skin.  Has rejuvenating and antiseptic qualities.  Helps to fight cellulite and fat deposits.

Jasmine Oil
Is produces from the tender flowers of jasmine.  Has calming, anti-inflammatory qualities, helps to fight stress.  Represents ideal means of taking care of any type of skin, especially dry, irritated, oily and sensitive skin.

Coconut Oil
Is produced from the core of a coconut.  Has unique anti-oxidant, moisturizing and softening qualities, has a beneficial effect on the general skin condition (nourishes, softens, moisturizes, removes wrinkles).

Body Massage:

Massage: Neck & Back – 25 min, Full Body Massage – 45 min

1. Relaxing Massage
An ideal procedure helping to relax the whole body.  Is suited ideally for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.

2. Medical  Massage 
Special attention is paid to concrete body parts and the concrete problems of the patient.  For example: back pains, headaches, migraine, neck pains.  Is used for treating joint deceases as well as a recuperation procedure after injuries.

3. Anti Cellulite Massage 
Massage with a special technique.  Is performed with strong pressure on the problematic zones.  Helps to increase the outflow of lymph, restores the activity of lymph and blood vessels.  The cells clean themselves from toxins, the skin acquires a healthy look.

4. Sport massage
Is recommended for sportsmen and people of intensive muscular activity, who suffer from chronic deceases of the musculoskeletal systems, weakness of the muscles.  During the massage, special attention is paid to each concrete muscle group.


1. Chocolate Therapy

A procedure making use of chocolate, which cleans well the skin, nourishes it and fights dehydration, removing stress and stimulating feelings at the same time.  This is one of the most fashionable and highly demanded directions of the SPA industry: exquisite, anti-cellulite SPA treatment of the body.

Chocolate therapy secures the elasticity of the skin, brings it up and helps to fight cellulite.  Warm chocolate pleasantly embraces the body and brings the sensation of joy, euphoria and happiness.

At the beginning of the procedure, deep cleansing and peeling are done.  The, the whole body is covered with chocolate mix, which gives an unforgettable feeling of softness.  After shower, a special moisturizing cream is applied to the skin and massage is performed.  Upon the end of the procedure, the client relaxes for 10-15 min in a special room to the sounds of calm music.

2. Detox & Repair Treatment

An ideal procedure for the restoration of the texture of the skin and toning the whole body.  Is conducted with the use of seaweeds, which are known for being able to take toxins out of the body and improve the micro-circulation of the blood, making the skin smooth and soft.  Is recommended for those who feel themselves tired and weak.  After the procedure the feeling of happiness comes; the high tonus of the body and soul returns.

The procedure starts with deep cleansing and peeling.  Then, a mask from a mixture of seaweeds, minerals and vitamins is applied to the whole body.  After shower, the skin is moisturized with cream, massage is performed.  The final part of the procedure – 10 min of relaxation and rest in a room filled with the sounds of calm music.

Hand & Foot Treatments:

  •  Manicure/French Manicure
  •  Express Manicure/ Express-French Manicure
  •  Pedicure/French Pedicure
  •  Express Pedicure/ Express- French pedicure
  •  Hand SPA Treatment (peeling, mask, massage)
  •  Foot SPA Treatment (peeling, mask, massage)

Wax Depilation

  •  Ladies (legs, arms, underarms, bikini zone, Back, Lip wax, Eyebow Shape)
  •  Men (Chest, Back, Legs)

Hairdressing services:

  • Hair washing
  • Hair Mask
  • Cutting Ladies/Men/Child
  • Haircut correction
  • Blow-drying , long/medium/short hair
  • Evening Hairstyles
  • Hair coloring, long/medium/short
  • Hair highlighting, long/medium/short
  • Hair tinting