Rethymno Mare & Water Park

Rethymno Mare & Water Park Hotel is located in the picturesque tourist village of Skaleta, in the heart of the Minoan civilization. It is 11 km from the beautiful city of Rethymno and 64 km from the capital of Crete - Heraklion. The hotel offers a unique view, combining the scenery of the blue sea with its endless beaches and unique natural landscape.

Luxury and comfort, combined with aesthetic and beautiful surroundings, ensure high quality accommodation, in the best traditions of the world famous Cretan hospitality.

Direct booking

Minimum prices for two people when booking on the site of Rethymno Mare & Water Park.

For more details visit:
Rethymno Mare & Water Park

Address: Skaleta Rethymno, Crete

Phone: (+30)28310 717-03